Instructor: Ms Zhuang

What I am concerned the most is that children must have some changes after every lesson in terms of attitude or abilities

Learning with Other Instructors is a Blessing

I am glad to be able to join Kumon, which gives me the opportunity to learn with other instructors. Through participating in various seminars and workshops, I understood the instruction of new students and I learnt to apply the instruction to my students. Learning is a cumulative process. The more you understand the worksheets, the more skillful you arrange study progress for students.

Last year, three to four Kumon instructors from North America, who has worked in Kumon for 20 to 30 years, came to travel in China. They wanted to visit the Kumon education center in Beijing so I accompanied them. I shared my most challenging student case with them. They told me that children are capable and I can let them try and progress with trial and error. I learnt a lot in the interaction with other instructors. The learning atmosphere of Kumon is brilliant.

Helping a Student Overcome Difficult Time

During the past 5 years working in Kumon, the most unforgettable experience is about a primary five student who did not perform well in Math. One day he took out his worksheets and his answers are basically all wrong. He needs to make corrections before moving on to new contents. However, after he corrected the first few questions, he could not continue and walked out of the center with his head down. I followed him to the door and asked him what happened. He cried and wanted to find his mum. I thought that he might feel frustrated about too many wrong answers. I asked, “It is because you have to make a lot of corrections today?” He nodded his head. I said, “no hurry, we make corrections together. Let’s see. Actually your wrong answers follow a specific pattern.”

He gradually learnt to calm down and make corrections. When he was in primary six, he no longer needed to attend the tutorial classes for poor-performing students provided by his school.

Every Lesson is Important

What I am concerned the most is that students must have some changes after every lesson in terms of attitude or abilities. If a student thinks that it makes no difference whether he comes or not, then that lesson will be my fault. The difficulty level of the classwork, the student’s feelings about the classwork and repetition are important to me.

I told my assistants about students’ progress every month. It is equally essential to communicate with students’ parents. I will ask parents, “Your child just started Kumon. How was his learning attitude these two days when doing homework? Did you need to remind him to do homework or he thought of it himself?” and so on. Throughout these conversations, I can understand the study situation of students at home and I will follow up on any problems I found. I always think what kind of facial expression, speaking tones and what choice of words I should use to make my students feel they are making progress and make them want to improve. I want to be in the best condition when I am in the center such that I will not disappoint every student that comes to learn.